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Investment Opportunity

Agro-Industrial Potentials
1.   Commercial  conservation   and  development  of natural resources, such as forestry,
2.   Dairy, poultry, fishery, and apiary products
3.   Food and cash crops, such as coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco, fruits, vegetables and flowers
4.   Pest  and  weed control,  veterinary facilities, rental of farm implements and processing machinery
5.   Processing of commercial forestry and by-products, etc.
Manufacturing Opportunities
1.   Agricultural and   industrial  machinery, including components and spare parts
2.   Automotive products including  components and spare parts
3.   Building materials
4.   Drugs  and pharmaceuticals  (small and medium scale)
5.   Electrical goods and components
6.   Electronic products and components
7.   Fertilizers  and  chemical  production (small and medium scale)
8.   Food, Beverages and Sugar
9.   Glass and ceramic products
10.  Leather and leather products
11.  Manufacturing  of  assembling  of  machinery and equipment, including components and spare parts
12.   Manufacturing  of   devices  and  components  for specific use in connection with efficient  utilization and  conservation of  both  renewable  and   non-renewable natural  resources,  boilers,  solar cells, furnaces, waste energy recovery equipment, etc.
13.   Measuring and controlling devices such as clocks and watches
14.   Metal and Metallurgical products
15.   Professional and scientific equipment such as medical apparatus
16.   Pulp and paper products
17.   Synthetic and rubber products
18.   Textile and clothing, etc

Mining and Petroleum

Prospecting, exploration and development of the whole spectrum of minerals and petroleum resources, i.e. gold, platinum, marble, granite, natural gas, soda ash, potash, etc.


  • Given its unique cultural heritage, magnificent scenery, pleasant climate, rich flora and fauna, important archaeological sites and friendly and hospitable people, Ethiopia has the potential to be one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa.

  • Ethiopia's world famous rock-hewn churches, its ancient architectures of Yeha, the obelisks of Axum, the palaces of Gondar, the monasteries of Lake Tana, Debre Damo and Debre Libanos are amazing. Ethiopia is one of the richest in mainland Africa in Avifauna with numerous endemic birds, mammals and amphibians.


  • The Government has a privatization program also offers attractive options for investments in the Country. Up until now, 81 retail trade shops and stores, 24 factories, 11 agro-industries and state farms and 10 hotels and restaurants have been privatized on tender basis while 44 enterprises were privatized on employee buy-out schemes.

  • Currently, 15 textile factories, 11 engineering industries, 11 food and agro-related enterprises (including tanneries), 13 state farms, 6 beverage factories, 19 construction related enterprises and 27 enterprises in the areas of hotel and tourism, pharmaceuticals, mining, transport, agri-services and chemicals are marked for privatization.

For further information in this area, please contact :

The Ethiopian Privatization Agency
P. O. Box 11833
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel. : + 251-1- 150370
Fax : + 251-1- 513955
e-mail :


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