The Ethiopian Export Promotion Agency is a government institution established with the objective of promoting the country’s exports. It is governed by a Bored of Directors consisting of seven members designated from the public and privet sectors.
EEPA’s Services
   Professional support (hands-on technical assistance’s) and training to exports in line with the newly adopted export development strategy:
   Alleviate problems faced by exporters by insuring that export-related procedures of institutions relevant to export trade are conducive to the counter’s export development.
   Undertake and dissemination to exporters supply and market studies on exportable products that will enhance the counter’s competitiveness in overseas markets:
   Link up Ethiopia exporters with foreign importers:
   Provide Support to exporters in order for them to participate in regional and international trade fairs and other trade promotion events:
   Collect, analyze and disseminate trade related information to the business community and provide inquiry reply services:
   Encourage the existence of coordinated and efficient working arrangements among producers, exporters and service providers.
Contact Information  
Director General  Tel: 50 44 81
Product development and Market research director Tel: 50 44 70
Training and support program Director Tel: 50 44 77
Trade point Director  Tel: 50 44 79
General Contact Information Fax:  +(251-1)50 51 92/50 47 66
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P.O.Box  6945, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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