Export Procedures

Export Business Registration and Licensing

Export Business Registration and Licensing

The opening of a business in Ethiopia requires a compulsory registration prior to holding a business license. However, principal registration takes place only once, regardless of undertaking different commercial activities.

The export trade business that requires registration and licensing by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Industry can be carried out through the formation of different types of business organizations such as Sole Trader, Partnership, Share Company, Private Limited Company, Public Enterprise and Cooperative Societies.

Registration Procedure

In the registration process, all of the required documentation and application forms should be signed by the persons who subscribe to the declaration and be submitted to the Ministry of Trade and Industry for verification and approval. When this is done, the documents are sent to the Ministry of Justice for certification and then to the Ministry of Information for public announcement of the business formation in the national newspapers. Upon the completion of this, the Ministry of Trade and Industry will issue the Principal Registration Certificate.

Export Licensing Procedure

Having registered, an application for export license should be submitted to the Ministry of Trade and Industry who in turn issues the export license. The documents required for the issuance of an export license are application in two copies, the principal registration certificate, passport size photograph, an investment permit and residence permit if there is partnership, and memorandum and articles of association or contract of partnership.

The export license covers a duration of twelve months. At the end of the duration, the license has to be renewed not later than two months into the next fiscal year as is in accordance with Ethiopian Law.

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