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Supply of Inputs to agricultural sector is one of the principal objectives of Ambasel

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The company is one of the major importers of agro-chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, etc.., and distributes to farmers all over the country.

Nowadays, the demand of road and building construction materials and machineries is increasing in the country as a result of government emphasis on infrastructural developments.

Ambasel plays a very big role in supplying different building machinery and inputs like cement, reinforcement bars, pipes, etc... throughout the country.

The company is the exclusive agent of Irripars Irrigation Machinery, La Pajarita Spanish Toothed Sickle in East Africa and Matabi Spanish for Knapsack Sprayers.

Ambasel also imports and distributes Matchets and other agricultural hand tools.

Ambasel imports breweries raw materials from Europe and provide it for the local breweries mainly the sister company Dashen Brewery Share Company.


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