Bid No.


Issued By

Ethiopian Roads Authority

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 150.00

Published Date

July 13, 2005

Opening Date

August 23, 2005


Bid Category

Consultancy Services



1.       The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has formulated a number of projects for detailed/review of feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment and engineering design.

2.       In a view to fast track the implementation of the above program, the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) on behalf of FDRE intends to outsource the Procurement Process of the services mentioned in (1) above.

The projects for which the Procurement will be carried out are grouped in three packages.


A.     Review of Feasibility & EIA Studies & Detailed Engineering Design of:

                   Project                                       Length (km)

1. Mehal Meda-Alem Ketema                              110

2. Welkite-Hossania                                             127

3. Mekele-Abi Adi-Adwa                                     187

B.     Detailed Feasibility & EIA Studies & Detailed Engineering Design of:

                         Project                                       Length (km)

      5. Mota-Mekane Eyesus-D/Tabor                         130

      6. Endasellasie-Dejena                                         110


A.     Review of Feasibility & EIA Studies & Detailed Engineering Design of.

                        Project                                       Length (km)

      1. Gedo-Fincha-Lemlem Bereha                           144

      2. Shewa Robit-Gewane                                        95

      3. Alamata-Mehoni-Hiwane                                  118                  

B.     Detailed Feasibility & EIA Studies & Detailed Engineering Design of:

                     Project                                           Length (km)

      4. Gori-Bele-Mena                                                80

      5. Gambela-Itang-Jikawo                                      130

C.     Detailed Feasibility & EIA Studies

      Project                                              Length (km)

      1. Assosa-Daleti-Baruda                                      263

      2. Adet-Feresnet                                                  100

      3. Maksegnet-Arbaya                                            49

      4. Abderafi-Sereqoa-Keraker                                192

      5. Seru-Shenen Wonze-Shekhusien                         80

      6. Yabelo-Metagefersa-Shakisso                           200

      7. Muger-Gebre Guracha                                       70

      8. Arbaminch-Kamba-Sawla                                 105

      9. Hargele-Dolo bay                                             120

      10. Gode-Kelafo-Ferfer                                        260

3.      It is therefore intended to engage three consulting firms to carry out the procurement of services for the above two packages. The number of contractors to be awarded for the down steam services are five for package I and six for package II.

4.     The Ethiopian Roads Authority invites all Local Consultants, registered at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development under the prevailing Finance Regulation issued by the Council of Ministers, for the Consultancy Services of the above mentioned project.

5.     Consultants should renew their Registration License for 1997 Ethiopian Calendar.

6.     Interested Consultants may obtain further information and collect the Request for Proposal Documents from Ethiopian Rods Authority, Engineering Service Procurement Branch, 2nd floor, Room No. 204, Fax 251-1-51 00 82, Tel. 15 30 15.

7.     The RFP can be purchased as of July 18, 2005 on presentation of a registration certificate from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, VAT registration certificate and submission of a written application to the Engineering Service Procurement Design and Technical Support Division Manager and upon payment of non-refundable fee of Ethiopian Birr 150 made payment to Ethiopian Roads Authority.

8.      The document for the subject project should be prepared in one original and four copies and must be submitted to the General Manger Office, Ethiopia, Fax 251-1-51 48 66, Tel. 15 66 03 on or before August 23, 2005 at 2:30 P.M.

9.      The proposals will be opened immediately after the closing time for submission in the presence of ERA's Contract Award Committee (CAC) and Consultant's representatives who whish to attend.

10.  A proposal, which is received late, will not be considered.

11.  ERA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.



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