Bid No.


Issued By

Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 3000.00

Published Date

Mar 8, 2005

Opening Date

Apr 12, 2005


Bid Category

Rehabilitate Hydro Electric Power Plant



1.     The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) has allocated a budget for the 1997 Ethiopian Fiscal Year (EFY) to rehabilitate MELKA WAKANA Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) phase-by-phase, Tender RHPP7/97/

The phase rehabilitation work consists of the following: 

      Study & Design, supply, erect with  concrete footing, test and commissioning of 15KV overhead distribution line supported by steel lattic tower with  OPGW shield wire with 12 fibers (Optical Fiber Composite Overhead ground wire) clamped at the  apex excluding modem. The 15KV overhead line conductor and all accessories for line conductor, steel lattice tower and OPGW  shield wire should  be supplied .The requirement of OPGW is for  future use of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Plant Control & Monitoring  and Energy Management system.

      Study, design and supply of four (4) Generator Vacuum circuit breakers for Awash II & III HEPPs (supply only). The contractor should take dimensions form the existing Generator circuit breakers before designing & fabrications. 


      OPGW cable should be sufficient enough for over stretching from Yugoslav Substation control room  to 230 KV substation control room and then to Melka Wakana Hydro Power Plant Control Room, and  for the other root also is from  Yugoslav substation to the Dam intake control room. The client already has transparent copies of the survey repot for the profiles for the roots of the 15KV lines, if the bidder requires these copies to design the location of the tower and its sag he can make copies with his own expenses.

      The required 15KV overhead line is for a single circuit.

      The Contractor has  the responsibility to test by his  own  equipment for its effective installation and communications of the  required frequencies-Logging and archiving for the future with chronological alarm signaling  sequence, Logging of measurements for MW, Kwh,MVAR, lgen. Vgen, 1 exc., Vexc. Cos Phi, Turbines bearings Temperature, Generators windings & bearings Temperature, reservoir water level, indication of the recording & archiving of the recorded values, discharges of each until, all excitation parameters, etc., archived data to be stored on the hard  disk of the PC, where will  be accessible  for further data treatment as necessary (data transfer), switching ON/OFF of the circuit breakers & isolators, start/stop of  the Units, measuring, signaling  and indications, synchronization facilities & resetting of horns and alarms should be Monitored through this OPGW cable.

      The bidders are invited to submit tender entirely responsible for the combination /package of contract components. Regarding Supply of goods and/or equipment, shipment shall be delivered to the point of final destination as instructed in the schedule of prices. (If a bidder requires the whole tender document in floppy disk, it is possible to collect from Power Plants Rehabilitation Project Office).

2.      The Tender calls for design, supply, erect, test & Commission the required facilities.

3.      The Ethiopian  Electric Power Corporation is thus inviting sealed bids for eligible bidders for  Tender RHPP7/97

4.       To qualify for the tenders, bidders should have enough experience in the design, manufacture, erection and test & commissioning of lattice towers with OPGW.

5.      A complete set of bidding documents for all Contract Components may be purchased by any interested eligible  bidder upon payment of  a non-refundable fee of Birr 300 (Birr Three Hundred only) from: 

CORPORATION, Purchasing Division, head
Office Building, 2nd Floor, Room No. 207
Degaulle Square
Tel. + 251(1) 56 00 27
 Fax + 251(1) 55 08 22
 P.O. Box 1233
 Addis Ababa

6.      Tender documents will be available starting from March 9, 2005.

7.      All bids should be accompanied with bid security of USD 5,000 as requested by the Tender Document (s).

8.      Bids should be delivered to the address given in No. 5 on or before April 11, 2005, 17:00 hrs. local time.

9.      Bids will be opened at the presence of bidders or their representatives who wish to attend the opening session to be held on April 12, 2005 at 10:00 hours local time at EEPCo's club, Mexico Square, Addis Ababa.

10.  The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation reserves the right to reject all or any of the bids. 



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