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Ethiopian Roads Authority

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Published Date

September 10, 2005

Opening Date

October 4, 2005



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Amendment of Tender

The required quantity and bid bond amounts stated in our Invitation to Bid (Tender No. T-05/98) that has been published on The Ethiopian Herald on August 14 & 21, 2005 and Addis Zemen on Nehasie 7 and 14/1997 is amended as follows:

Bidders are required to supply of the following types and quantities to the prescribed place of delivery.

Lot 1- A- 180 M/Tons of MC-30 Asphalt

           B- 920 M/Tons of 60/70 at Mille Loge  Project

Lot 2- A- 298 M/Tons of MC-30 Asphalt,

           B- 399 M/Tons of 85/100 Asphalt at Alamata Betmera Project.

Lot 3- A- 945 M/Tons of MC-30 Asphalt

           B- 773 M/Tons of RC 70 Asphalt

           C- 720 M/Tons of 120/150 Asphalt at Addis Ababa-Central

Lot 4- 2542 M/Tons of MC-3000 Asphalt at Addis Ababa Central Warehouse.

Lot 5 A- 488 M/Tons of MC-30 Asphalt

         B- 136 M/Tons of RC/70 Asphalt

         C- 5440 M/Tons of 60/70 Asphalt At Combolcha-Woldia Project

Bid bond amounts:

1.      For Lot 1 (A) Birr 10,000 (B) Birr 40,000

2.      For Lot 2 (A) Birr 15,000 (B) Birr 20,000

3.      For Lot 3 (A) Birr 25,000 (B) Birr 35,000 (C) Birr 25,000

4.      For Lot 4 (A) Birr 80,000

5.      For Lot 5 (A) 20,000 (B) Birr 10,000 (C) Birr 100,000

Bid opening date: October 4, 2005 at 10:00 A.M.

Ethiopian Roads Authority


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