Bid No.


Issued By

United Nations High Commissioner for Refuges Regional Liaison Office

Bid Doc. Price

See detail below

Published Date

August 22, 2006

Opening Date

September 1, 2006


Bid Category

Transportation Services



1.      The United Nations High Commissioner for Refuges Regional Liaison Office of Africa (UNHCR-RLO) is looking for transport companies interested to participate in a bidding process aiming at the selection of one or various companied able to provide transportation services for the repatriation of Sudanese Refugees from Ethiopia:

2.      These companied are expected to own the following type of vehicles:

-Water tanker trucks
-Mobile workshop

3.      The buses to be provided by the transport company should be:

-Road worthy and present an excellent mechanical condition
-the loading capacity of 65 person per bus
-not older than 1998 (European Calendar)
-converted with comprehensive insurance for 24 hrs.

4.      The trucks required should be:

-4WD and in excellent mechanical conditions that can overcome all the challenges in rough roads
-with loading capacity of 12 to 20 MT
-with date of manufacture of 1998 and above
-with 24 hrs comprehensive insurance coverage

5.      Water tankers required:

-excellent mechanical condition that can operate on rough roads,
-capacity of tanker should not be less than 13,000 liters
-date of manufacture should not be before 1998.

6.      A fully equipped mobile workshop with qualified auto-mechanic to accompany the repatriation convoys and undertake the necessary repair/maintenance of buses and trucks in case of breakdown.

7.      Only owners ob buses, trucks and water tanker trucks are invited for the prequalification exercise.

8.      Title Certificated (Libre) for the buses, trucks and water tankers should be presented by the owners according to the above criteria to be one of the transport companies to go through the prequalification exercise.

9.      UNHCR-RLO will not entertain transport companies, individual truck/bus/ water tanker truck owners coming thorough sub-contract.

10.   Based on the above mention points, owners of transport companies should provide UNHCR with the number of buses /trucks/ water tanker trucks they have that they think will fulfill the prequalification exercise.

11.   Only qualified transport companies that fulfill the above stated prequalification will be contacted to participate in the bidding.

12.  Detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) will be distributed to qualified Transport Companies. The number of buses/trucks, water tankers required by the office, the distance, type of stretches, departure and arrival points and other pertinent information will clearly be indicated in the TOR.

13.  Responses to this prequalification exercise have to be addressed to the Deputy Representatives of UNHCR-RLO indicating “prequalification Exercise for Transport Services for the Repatriation Programme of the Sudanese Refugees”.

14.  The responses will be received in sealed cover or envelop from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on 31 August 2006 and will be opened on 01 September 2006 at the office of UNHCR-RLO. Responses not following these qualification points will not be considered. Results will be announced as the analysis is finalized.

15.  The United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees Regional Liaison Office for Africa (UNHCR-RLO) has the right to reject any or all prequalification exercise.



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