Bid No.


Issued By

Save the Children-UK, Meket Livelihood Development Project

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 50.00

Published Date

December 23, 2006

Opening Date

See detail below


Bid Category

Irrigation Rehabilitation Works



1.      TENDER

Tenderers are invited by Save the Children-UK, Meket Livelihood Development Project (hereinafter referred to as the “EMPLOYER”) for the works briefly described as the Irrigation Rehabilitation works. Only qualified tenderers, which are deemed to be eligible under the requirement of Ethiopian commercial law, will be allowed to tender.


The Documents issued to Tenderers for the purpose of tendering comprise the following:
Instructions to Bidders
Form of Tender
Form of Contract Agreement
Technical Specifications
Bill of Quantities
Copies pf the Contract Documents consisting of the above listed parts may be obtained by the Tenderers from the client, upon payment of 50 Birr.


Tenders shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with the instructions set forth herein. These instructions to Tenderers are provided to assist Tenderers in preparing their tenders and do not constitute part of the Tender or of the Contract Documents.

Tenders shall be prepared in two copies, complete with all appendices and supplementary information. One set shall be clearly marked “ORIGINAL”, the other set shall be clearly marked “COPY”. The “ORIGINAL” shall be considered as the ruling copy.

The Tenderer shall fill in and sign the Tender form, stating the Tender price both in figures and in words and complete the appendices at the required places. The Tenderer shall also initial all pages of the Contract Documents and submit these with the “ORIGINAL” only.

All filling in, signing, witnessing and initialing is to be in ink. Manuscript and all figures shall be legible, correct and devoid of erasures. If corrections are required to be made by tenderers, they shall be made by drawing a line through the mistake and writing beside it in ink the necessary correction. Correction to figures shall be in words not figures. Each correction shall be initialed and dated by the Tenderer. No figures and words required to be entered by Tenderers in the Documents issued to of Tenderers but such shall be included in the Separate Memorandum (See Clause 12 hereof) of be attached to the Tender and referred to therein. Apart from such reference no correction or deletion shall be made to the documents as issue to Tenderers otherwise than on an instruction of the Engineer issued in accordance with Clauses 5 hereof.

The Tender shall be wrapped securely and sealed in two envelopes. On the inside envelope shall be clearly written the words. “TENDER FOR GAZO BELAY IRRIGATION REHABILITATION WORKS” together with the name of the Tenderer and the address, to which he wishes the documents returned in the event that his Tender arrives after the latest time and date fixed for submission of Tenders or in the even that the Tender procedure is suspended for a reason. On the outside envelope shall be written the name and address to which the Tenders are to be submitted and the words. “TENDER FOR GAZO BELAY IRRIGATION REHABILITATION WORKS”, in bold capital letters. The set marked “ORIGINAL” and one set marked “COPY” shall be sent by registered mail to:

Save the Children-UK, Meket Livelihood Development Project (MILDP)
P. O. Box 176
Woldia (North Wollo)


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