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Issued By

Tikuret for Gumuz People Development Association

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Published Date

November 26, 2006

Opening Date

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Tikuret for Gumuz People Development Association (TGPDA) Registered under license No. 939 would like to invites eligible auditor to audit the organizationís books of account for the year 2006.

The bidders should include

Years of experience in the field

Number & type of companied audited (NGO, GOs, Private)

A copy of renewed trade license

Time frame within which they will accomplish the task

Bidders should be among the list of auditors registered by DPPC.

The bids should be sent in a wax-sealed envelope through P.O. Box 349, Assosa, Ethiopia.

Bids reaching the Office late than 20 working days from the day of announcement wonít be accepted.

TGPDA reserves the right to accept or reject the bids partially or fully.

For further information call:

Tel. 057 775 15 24
P.O. Box 349
Tikuret for Gumuz People Development
Association (TGPDA)
Benishangul Gumuz Region


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