Bid No.


Issued By

Oromia Housing Development Project Office

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 50.00

Published Date

December 23, 2007

Opening Date

January 18, 2008


Bid Category

Multiple Choice



1.      The OROMIA National Regional State Housing Development Project Office invites eligible bidders to submit their prices and terms and conditions for the supply of:

Lot I: Electrical materials
Lot II: Sanitary materials
Lot III: Different Type of Tiles
Lot IV: Glazing
Lot V: Paints in a wax-sealed envelop.

2.      The complete set of bidding documents can be obtained from OROMIA Housing Development Project Office Room No. 9 upon submission of renewed trade license, VAT and TIN Registration together with written application upon payment of non-refundable fee of 50 Birr.

3.      Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information on the bidding documents at the office of:

Tel. 5545605

Fax 011-5502707
Near NMC, Or Sudan Embassy

4.      Wax-sealed envelopes containing an original and a copy of Offer and qualification documents should be delivered to The Oromia National Regional State, Housing Development, Project Office P.O. Box 255/1250, Telephone 011-5545605, Finfinne up to 17 January 2008 from the 1st date of this announcement. Late bids shall be rejected.

5.      The Offer envelopes shall be submitted to Room No. 9 as follows:

5.1   The original and a copy of the Offer documents shall be wax-sealed in a separate envelopes and marked “Original Offer Document” and “Copy of Offer Document” respectively.

5.2   The Bid Security will be wax-sealed in a separate envelope marked “Bid security”

6.       The envelopes in 5.1 and 5.2 shall then be sealed in an outer envelope marked “Offer Document for Housing Development Project Office of the Oromia National Regional State.”

7.      Original envelopes of Bidders shall be opened in the presence of bidders’ or their representatives on the 18 January 2008 at 9:00 AM to at Oromia National Regional State, Housing Development Project Office Room No.9.

8.      All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of Birr 75,000.

9.      The National Regional State of Oromia, Housing Development Project Office reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Oromia Housing Development Project Office


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