Bid No.

MBMP pvt. Ltd. Co. 01/99

Issued By

Messebo Building Materials Production Pvt. Ltd. Co.

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 100.00

Published Date

February 4, 2007

Opening Date

See detail below


Bid Category

Multiple Request



Messebo Building Materials Production Pvt. Ltd. Co. (MBMP Pvt. Ltd.Co.) invites eligible bidders for the supply of:

Lot One:

1.       Total station-surveying equipment                             1 Set

2.       GPS (eTrex Vista color and accessories)                  4 Set

3.       Compass                                                                 4 Set

4.       Hand hold Lens                                                       7 Pcs

Lot Two:

1.       120,000 BTU CABINET Type foat mounted

        Air conditioner                                                       6 Set

2.       24,000 BTU windows type Air-conditioner                5 Set

Lot Three:

1.       LATHE MACHINE 500 x 1500 mm                        1 Set

Lot Four:

1. Tubeless tyre size 29.5 R25 Radial steel belted,

       Tyre pattern L-3 rock                                              10 Set

2.       Tyre with tube, tyre size 1400 R-24 Radial

Steel belted                                                              4 Set

3. Tyre with tube size 18:00 R 33, Radial

      Steel belted E3                                                         13 Set

1.      Tender documents can be collected from Addis Ababa Messebo Building materials production Pvt. Ltd. Co. Liaison Office ZEFCO Building 4th Floor or Mekelle Messebo Cement Factory effective from the day of announcement against payment of non-refundable birr 100.00

2.      Bidders can participate partially for one or more lot.

3.      All bids should be submitted in wax-sealed and stamped envelopes on or before 30th day of the first announcement of this invitation for bid on The Ethiopian herald at 4:30 P.M. Local time and should be addressed and marked as follows:

Messebo Building Materials production Pvt. Ltd. Co.
Telephone 251-1 66 32 92 Or 66 32 93
P.O. Box 9620
ZEFCO Building 4th Floor
 Addis Ababa

4.      Bids will be opened on the 31st day of the first announcement of this invitation for bid on The Ethiopian Herald 10:00 A.M. Local time in the presence of interested bidders or their representatives who choose to attend to the abovementioned office.

Messebo Building Materials Production Pvt. Ltd. Co. reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


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