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Millennium Development Ethiopia

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Published Date

July 18, 2007

Opening Date

July 27, 2007


Bid Category

Transportation Cost




MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT ETHIOPIA (MED) invites interested and eligible bidders to bid for the TRANSPORTATION COST of different items from different parts of Ethiopia to our Project Site at Hawzine Woreda, Eastern Tigray Zone, Tigray Regional State.

Millennium Development Ethiopia (MDE) is an independent local non-governmental organization certified by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Justice on June 12th 2006. MDE is establish to oversee the coordination and implementation of the Millennium Project in selected villages in Ethiopia in an effort to optimize the attainment of Millennium Development Goals.

Millennium Promise and Earth Institute at Columbia University support MDE.

As a local NGO, we use bottom-up and multi-sectoral approach to lift selected villages out of the quagmires of poverty. We are currently working in Hawzien Woreda in 11 villages in the area of agriculture and environment, health, education, economics, energy and technology, water, gender, empowering local communities and governments to apply proven holistic of interventions.


  1. Local Bidder or August are required to submit original copies of Trade

License valid for the year 1999 Eth.  Cal., Certificate from Ministry of

Finance specifying that they have registered in Transportation Freight Items.

  1. Bidders can provide a Truck Loading Capacity of 5MT, 9MT & 12MT each

Transporting costs per Km from all parts of Ethiopia to our projects at Hawzien Woreda, Eastern Tigray Regional State.

  1. Bids must be accompanied by proof of Transportation Insurance Document.
  2. Bidders should submit their offer in a wax-sealed envelope before July 26, 2007 before 5:00 PM to the Director’s Office of MDE.
  3. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders or their representatives on July 27, 2007 at 11:00 AM at MDE Finance & Administration Office.
  4. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Finance & Administration Office No. 011 663 10 50 , 011 818 98 97 Or 011 818 98 18 A. A
  5. The MDE reserves the right to cancel the whole bid or part if it finds better options.

Millennium Development Ethiopia
Director’s Office
P.O. Box 664 Code 1250
Addis Ababa


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