Bid No.


Issued By

Amhara National Regional State Education Bureau

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 100.00

Published Date

June 30, 2007

Opening Date

August 17, 2007


Bid Category




1.      The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has received a loan from the African Development Fund in various currencies toward the cost of Education III Project. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this loan will be applied to eligible payments under the contracts for purchase of equipment for 114 new & 47 upgrade primary schools in seven packages that are under construction for the Amhara Regional State Education Bureau. Bidding is open to all bidders from eligible source countries as defined in the ADB’s Rules of procedures for procurement of Goods and Works.

2.      The Amhara National Regional State Education Bureau now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for any or all packages described below. The delivery sties or place for all packages are Gonder, Debre Markos, Debre Birhan & Dessie Education Materials Deposit & Distributions centers. The detail information is given in the bidding document.

Ser. No.

Package Number

Type of Equipment to be Purchased in each package

Delivery Site (town)


Package One

Electronics Equipment & Batteries

Gonder, Debre Markos, Debre Birhan & Dessie Education Material Depot & Distribution centers


Package two

Typewriter & Duplicating Machines


Package Three

Science Kits & Chalk


Package Four

Mathematics Instruments


Package Five

Different types of Hand tools


Package Six

Physical Edu. (Sport) Materials


Package Seven

Stationeries & Office Equipment

3.       Bidding documents and additional copies may be purchased by paying a non-refundable fee of 100 (One Hundred Birr) or its equivalent in freely convertible currency from the Amhara National Regional State Education Bureau, P.O. Box 764, Tel. 251-058 220 48 56, Fax 251-222 08 14, Bahir Dar, on Submission of written application with a license valid for the year 2006/2007 and a local bides must include, VAT and TAX payers registration certificate and evidence indicating that the bidders has performed tax paying obligation from federal or Regional Inland Revenue, Interested  bidders may obtain further information at the same address.

4.      Bids shall be valid for a period of 90 days after bid opening day and must be delivered to the above office on or before 2:00 PM 17th August, 2007 & must be accompanied by a bid security 2% of the bid amount, in Birr or its equivalent in a convertible currency in the form of certified check (CPO), Bank draft, letter of credit or a bank guarantee from a reputable bank located in Ethiopia or in any eligible country. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidder or representatives who wish to attend at 2:30 PM the same date in the above office Auditorium.

5.      Interested eligible bidders need to submit documents indicated on number 3 above together with their bid document.

6.      The provisions in the instruction to bidders and in the General condition of the contract are the prevision of the ADB standard bidding documents for the procurement of goods.

7.      The Amhara National Regional Education Bureau reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

The Amhara National Regional State
Education Bureau
Tel. 251-08 20 48 56
Fax 251-08 22 08 14
P.O. Box 764
Bahir Dar



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