Bid No.


Issued By

East Africa Bottling SC

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 200.00

Published Date

May 6, 2007

Opening Date

May 23, 2007


Bid Category

Clearing Services



East Africa Bottling SC, through the procurement Department invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for all inputs including Clearing Services at port of Djibouti and Addis Ababa Airport and Transport service to support the clearing process and up country, for the period between 1 June 2007 to 30 May 2009, as per terms and conditions provided below.

1.       Unless otherwise specified and agreed in writing, the General Terms and Conditions for Supplying Materials and Services to East Africa Bottling SC. Shall apply to this Tender as well.

2.       Bidders might submit ids for a complete lot or part of the requirements, for all the two regions (Adds Ababa and Dire Dawa) or for specific regions. East Africa Bottling SC will then evaluate the proposed lot or lots an will award the contract to the bidder that is the lowest bidder or most advantaged proposal. Offers for parts of lot (regions) will only be considered in cases where no corresponding complete bids have been presented.

3.       In order to ensure that the prices offered remain competitive, East Africa Bottling SC will carry out regular market surveys.

4.       The Tender covers all East Africa Bottling SC local supplies, clearing services and transport from port and up country requirements in Addis Ababa (Head Office), and Dire Dawa Plant.

5.       Bidders must submit sealed bids personally in the East Africa Bottling Sc. Tender Box, located in the reception area in the address below. The envelope must have the title to which the bidders offered Ex “CLEARING SERVICE” “TRANSPORT UP COUNTRY” “STATIONER CONSUMABLES”. Bids submitted through other means will not be accepted.

6.       The Tender will be subject to the East Africa Bottling SC. Procurement procedure and related procurement processes.

7.       For additional information and for the purpose of acquiring the complete tender documents, interested eligible bidders may contact the procurement Department on the address below, from 8:00 to 5:00 P.M. Monday-Friday.

8.       All proposals shall be submitted to the address below, by 23 May 2007, before 12:00 A.M. and the bid will be opened officially on 23 may 2007 at 3:00 P.M. in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives.

9.       All proposals received after the above mentioned deadline will be rejected any will not be necessarily returned to the originators. Final bids results will be communicated on 27 May 2007

10.   Bidders must submit their BANK STATEMENT covering the last 6 months.

11.   Bidders must submit bank guarantee in the amount indicated in the bidding document

12.   A complete set of bidding documents shall be purchased by interested bidders from the Procurement Office in Addis Ababa upon payment of a non-refundable Birr 200 for each bid document from 8 May 2007 upon 23 May 2007 at working hours; from 8:00 A.M. to5:00 P.M. In the case of dispatching by mail or other mode, East Africa Bottling SC. Will not be held responsible if bid documents are not received on time.

13.   Bidders must have a valid trade license and copy of the license should be attached with the bid document.

14.   Bidders will be evaluated and continuously rated on the following criteria:

Competitive an fixed prices during the Contract period
Delivery period
Past experience, working with East Africa Bottling SC and with other Group A Companies or any other company of similar status.
Credit facility
Cost saving initiatives
Accuracy of documentation submitted to East Africa Bottling SC.

Having dependable and reliable branches (or principal at port only for clearing service and their company profile must be attached with bid document)

15.   East Africa Bottling SC. Have the right to accept or reject all or part of the bids and not to select the cheapest or any offer for any reason whatever.

16.   East Africa Bottling SC. Will only consider bidders who have understanding and are implementing the Supplier Guiding principle (“SGP”) of the Coca Cola Company.

17.   The following tender documents are available at procurement Office:

Supplier Guiding Principle
Bid Rule
Bid Application
Forecast list

18.   Contact Address:

Procurement Department
East Africa Bottling Share Company
Jimma Road
Tel. 011-275 61 14
Fax. 011-277 84 86
Addis Ababa


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