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Ethiopian Athletics Federation

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Published Date

September 25, 2007

Opening Date

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Bid Category

Marketing Firm



The Local organizing Committee (LOC) for the 16th CAA African Athletics Championships wishes to hire a marketing firm to handle marketing responsibilities for the championships. The marketing agency must perform the following duties and responsibilities.
  Legal documentation

1.      All interested applicant agencies must have a renewed license for the Ethiopian fiscal year 2000 from the Ethiopian ministry of Trade and Industry.

2.      All interested application agencies must demonstrate prior experience of handling marketing for organizations with demonstrated experience in sports marketing advantageous.

3.      All agencies must present a detailed work plan budget plane, and execution schedule for their promotion campaign.

B.           Package design

1.      All interested applicant agencies must design sponsorship package including benefits to sponsors and levels if visibility. This documentation must include different levels of packages of title bib sponsors, national sponsors, and international sponsors. This documentation must also clearly state the terms of compensation (percentage in kind and in cash) your agency seeks from the endeavor.

2.      All interested applicant agencies must also specify the minimum guarantee of funds to be raised from the marketing campaign. This minimum guarantee must be paid to the LOC by the marketing agency if the two parties sign an agreement and even if marketing activities fail to materialize.

C.   Sponsors

1.   The marketing agency can seek sponsorship from the following sectors except sports kit manufacturers and international exclusive television companies.

2.   The marketing agency is responsible for the signing of sponsorship agreements between the LOC and sponsors. The marketing agency must bear also costs of the implementation of marketing projects including, but not limited to, the production of television commercials, the design and printing of banners inside the competition venue and in competition areas.

D.    Payments

1.   The Marketing Agency must present a bid-bond of 2% from the cash or kind value to be raised from the sponsorship campaign.

2.   All payments will be made to agencies after all payments, in cash or kind have been made by sponsors to the EAF.

E.   Deadline

1.   All proposals must be submitted within 15 days of the day of this bid announcement.

2.   The bid will be opened on the 16th day from the announcement of this bid at the Ethiopian athletics federation (EAF) in the presence of bidders and/or their legal representatives.

3.   The EAF reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Please submit proposals sealed to:
Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF)
Addis Ababa
Tel. + 251 11 550 98 16 Or 553 68 84
Fax + 251 11 551 40 73
E-mail: Or

P.O. Box 3241


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