Bid No.

F.A. 03/08

Issued By

FARM African Ethiopian Office Disaster Risk Reduction Project

Bid Doc. Price

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Published Date

December 21, 2008

Opening Date

January 9, 2009


Bid Category




FARM African Ethiopian Office Disaster Risk Reduction Project invites all eligible bidders for the construction of 11 water supply schemes (2 Hand dug wells with subsurface dam, 2 underground cisterns with foundation, 2 fully underground cisterns, and 5 and dug wells) in Hamer and Dasenech woredas of the SNNPRS.

The office invites professional contractors to submit only the labour cost as per the following requirements and conditions:

1.      FARM Africa shall provide both locally available and industrial materials at the project sites.

2.      The contractor shall be responsible to hire and pay both skilled and unskilled laboures.

3.      The contractor shall bring his own construction tools, machines and equipments.

4.      A bid bond not less than 25 of the bid amount must accompany the tender document in the form of certified cheque, CPO or bank guarantee. Bidders are required to present a copy of renewed trade license for the current fiscal year 2001 E.C. and recommendation letter on their experience of construction of the above mentioned water structures.

5.      Detailed specifications and bill of quantity for each structure can be collected from the office.

6.      Bidders can complete for one or more amount and type of structures.

7.      The bid shall be submitted to the office in wax-sealed envelope bearing the complete address of the bidders before 08 January 2009 at 5:00 P.M.

8.      Bid will be opened on 09 January 2009 at 9:00 A.M. in FARM Africa country office in the presence of the bidders or their official representatives.

9.      FARM Africa reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids at its own judgment.

Interested bidders can obtain additional information from FARM Africa head office though the following address.

FARM Africa country office
Tel. 091189 27 74
P.O. Box 5746
Addis Ababa

The specific reference number should be stated on the outside of the envelope to clarify for which Kebele and which structure the bid is made.


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