Bid No.


Issued By

SNNPRS Regional Council

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 1600.00

Published Date

December 21, 2008

Opening Date

January 21, 2009


Bid Category




TO ALL CONTRACTORS OF CATEGORY GC/BC Class 1 and above with valid trade license and construction license for the year 2001 EC.

1.      The SNNPRS Regional Council has budgets for the construction of Modern (Hi-tech) state Assembly Hall.

2.      The SNNPRS Regional Council invites wax-sealed bids from eligible bidders for furnishing the necessary labour, material and equipment for the construction of SNNPRS Regional Council modern (Hi-tech) state Assembly Hall.

3.      All contractors are required to submit VAT Registration certificate, proof of their up to date registration certificate from Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Trade Bureau at the place of registration GC/BC 1

4.      The construction works shall be completed within 540 calendar days including Mobilization period.

5.      A complete set of bidding documents can be purchased starting from 1st day announcement by any interested eligible bidder on the submission of a written application to the office of:

WORK & Urban Development Bureau
Fax. 046 220 74 87
Tel. 251-046 220 12 58 Or 220 12 59

And upon, payment of non-refundable of Birr 1600 for each set of documents

6.      Bidders may obtain further information from, and inspect the bidding documents at the above Bureau.

7.      Bid shall be valid to a period of 120 days after bid opening and must be accompanied by a bid security of Ethiopia Birr 100,000.00 and shall be delivery to SNNPRS Regional Council on the 21st day and if the 21st day doesn’t fall on the working day, the bid closing and opening shall be held on the next working day before 12:00 A.M. form the 1st issuance date of the bid on The Ethiopian Herald.

8.      The bid security shall, at the bidder’s option, be in the form of cash, a certified cheque or payable order, bank draft, letter of credit, or an unconditional bank guarantee by an Ethiopian bank. The format of the bid security should be in accordance with the form of bid security included in section 4, Bidding forms of another form acceptable to the employer bid security shall be valid for 28 days beyond the validity of the bid.

9.      Technical Document and bid bond will be opened in the presence of those bidder’s or their legal representatives on the same days at 10:30 A.M. in January 21, 2009 of the SNNPRS WUDB.

10.   Bidders are instructed to submit one “original” two “Photocopy and Two Electronic copies of Technical and Financial Document of their documents.

11.  The client will not accept rebates from selected items of work if bidder want to give rebate it must be from the total sum.

12.  The employer reserves the right to reject any or all bids,

Bidders are instructed to fill, sign and seal all the forms of the bid documents.

All Bids must include value added tax (VAT) on the summary of the bid price.

Partial rebate, like fixed sum and rebate on some items is not acceptable,

For more information contact

Development Bureau
Tel. 251-046 220 12 58 Or 22- 12 59, Hawassa
ETG Designers & Consultants Plc
Fax. 251-11-662 39 52 Or 662 39 42
Or 662 39 56
Mob. 251 91120 83 20
P.O. Box 12756


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