Bid No.

WRDB 002/2001

Issued By

SNNPRS Water Resources Development Bureau

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 200.00

Published Date

December 6, 2008

Opening Date

See detail below


Bid Category




1.      The SNNPRS Water Resources Development Bureau, hereby invites qualified and eligible Bidders to submit sealed bids for the construction and completion of the following Water Supply projects.


Project Name



Category of invited Contractors


a)      Endibr Town Water Supply Expansion;

b)      Koshe Town Water Supply Expansion









GC5/WWC5 & above


a)      Weteta PA Water supply;

b)      Shemsa Ginbich Water Supply

c)      Ginbichu Town Water Supply



Alba Special








GC5/WWC5 & above


Belta Water Supply Expansion

Gamo Gofa


GC6/WWC6 7 above

2.      Bidding is open to all bidders form eligible member countries as defined in the SNNP Regional State’s Rules and Procedures for the procurement of Goods and Works as well as to those domestic Contractors of the mentioned Categories and above licensed in Water Works Construction having license valid for the current year and registration certificate for VAT.

3.      Qualification requirement includes: 1/ Ownership and/ or existing least of relevant equipment and machinery 2/ Experience in water works construction 3/ Availability of relevant experienced personnel as provided the bidding document with other additional details.

4.      No price adjustment will be allowed.

5.      Electronic bidding will not be permitted.

6.      Each bidder is allowed to bid only for one Lot.

7.      A complete set of Bidding document may be purchased by interested bidders, upon submission of a written request application and payment of a non-refundable fee of Eth. of Birr 200.00 (Two Hundred only) from SNNP Regional Water Resources Development Bureau, Room number 04, Tel. +251-46-2-20 39 42 Or 21 24 69. P.O. Box 153, Fax. +251-46-2-20 69 97, Hawassa City.

8.      Bids shall be accompanied by a bid security of not less than 2% of the contact amount in the form of Cash Payment Order (CPO or Bank Guaranty) only, and shall remain valid for 120 (One Hundred Twenty) days.

9.      Bid shall be delivered to SNNP Regional Water Resources Development Bureau, Room Number 04, Tel. +251-46 -220 39 42 Or 21 24 69, P.O. Box 153 Hawassa, on or before the 30th day of the bid announcement at 09:00 P.M. Bid will be opened on the same day at 02:30 P.M. in the presence of the bidders or authorized representatives. If 30th day of the bid announcement lies on Ethiopian holiday, the opening ay of the bid will be on the next working day at 9:30 A.M.

10.  The SNNP Regional Water Resources Development Bureau resrves the right to reject all or parts of the bids.

SNNPRS Water Resources Development Bureau
Tel. 046-220 39 42 Or 046-221 24 69
Fax No. 046-220 39 43 Or 046-220 69 97
P.O. Box 153


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