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Issued By

Mike Ludwick, Commodities & Logistics Specialist
Missionary Expediters, Inc.

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Published Date

February 16, 2008

Opening Date

February 28, 2008


Bid Category

Clearance & Inland Transport



Christina Relief and Development Organization

Missionary Expediters, INC. As Agents for food for the hungry, requests offers for the clearance and inland transport of food aid commodities from Djibouti to destinations in Ethiopia.

 Cargo will arrive via discharge port of Djibouti O/O/A
 May 25, 2008.

1.     CARGO:

Approximately 11,630 MT bulk wheat delivered to the contractor in 50 kg bags, ex bagging line, free on truck Djibouti, intended delivery locations of 2,374 MT to Nefas mewcha and 9,256 MT to Kombolcha.

2.    Offerors to provide rates basis door delivery to each of the following locations in Ethiopia.

2,374 MT FH/E compound Nefas Mewcha. Contact: Ewenete Getachew Tel. 058-445 02 01, Yohannes Belihu Tel. 0911-48 11 97, Tigabu Tarakegn Tel. 0911-62 94 69.

1,221 MT FH/E Warehouse on World Vision compound, Kombolcha and 8,035 MT Emergency Food Security reserve admin, Warehouse on EFSRA compound Kombolcha contact: Mesfin Kalab, Tel. 0911 37 75 86. Yohannes Belihu Tel. 0911-48 11 97. Tigabu Tarakegn Tel. 0911-62 94 69.


Rates to be ‘all inclusive’ and expressed per Metric Ton.

Offers to be based on truck transport only.

Services to include customs clearance at both Djibouti and Ethiopia.

Offers to provide estimated transit times from discharge port to each of the final warehouse (s) in Ethiopia. Transport time will be a factor in the selection of the contractor.


Communications and coordination of the contractor with food the hungry Ethiopia is a key requirement and a major factor in the selection process. Contractor to provide a point of contract for the duration of the contract. Contractors’ point of contract must be present during the vessel discharge operations.
Contractor to provide detailed tracking and reporting.
Contractor to provide list of any subcontractors they will be using to include trucking companies. Djibouti port agent and Ethiopia clearance agent.

5.     Offers must be in U.S. Dollars per Metric Ton and must be all inclusive (including Landing fees, port dues, customs clearance and insurance), and must confirm that contractor accepts all terms of the food the hungry tender and attached Proforma contract. Rates to be valid for a period of up to 6 Months from time of contract date.
Rates to include a two and one half percent (2-1/2%) commission to Missionary expediters Inc.
Any modifications to these terms will render the offers as non-responsive. Quantities listed in this invitation are intended quantities only and are not guaranteed by food for the hungry. Final cargo quantities/destinations are subject to availability from the U.S. Government.


Inland freight payments will be processed through and received from the U.S. Agency for International Development. Processing will take a minimum of 30-40 days from time of submission of invoice documents. Contractor must have sufficient financial credit to undertake this contract.

Contractor has the option of invoicing for 30% initial progress payment out of the total inland freight basis bill of lading gross metric tonnage. This initial payment will be adjusted with the invoice (s) basis final cargo delivery.

Remaining 70% freight will not be paid until presentation of signed copies of the way-bills evidencing the original cargo quantity and count, and the cargo received in good condition at destination (s). Cargoes losses will be deducted from the final freight payment. For payment commercial invoices to be accompanied by corresponding way bills and ocean bill of lading.


Offers will be evaluated on the following criteria


       Service, to include

A.     Estimated transit times to destinations

B.     Communications and logistics plan

C.     Subcontractors

Previous experience in handling U.S. Government Food Aid Commodities and working with food for the hungry.

Evidence of financial stability (including proof of insurance to cover value of commodities)


Offers to be submitted to missionary expediters, Inc. by 1100 hr US east time (Washington D.C.), February 28, 2008.

For further information, Call missionary expediters, INC. New Orleans, LA., Tel. 504-491 63 00, Fax 504-891 63 65, Email:

Mike Ludwick, Commodities & Logistics Specialist
Missionary Expediters, Inc.
Tel. 504-891 63 00 x 106
Fax. 504-891 63 65
Email: Com


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