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Crown Agents Ethiopia

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June 17, 2008

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Crown Agents is supporting the Ministry of Health’s National Malaria Control Program though a USG-funded malaria Initiative (PMI). Though its partnership with the U.S. based Research Triangle Institute (RTI), Crown Agents is assisting the National Malaria Control Programme in Strengthening Indoor Residual Spraying operations in Oromia Region.

WHO and the Government of Ethiopia endorse the use of DDT in IRS to prevent and control malaria. The IRS project intends to support the Ministry by constructing a waste management system for cleansing IRS equipment and protective clothing.


The system requires the construction of showers, washing/rinse bays and evaporation tanks to cleanse and capture contaminated wash water for environmentally safe disposal. Construction materials will include cement, sand, ballast, termite-resistant wooden poles, polythene materials for covers, barbed wire, ropes, metallic roads, and related accessories such as nails, hinges, etc. there are up to 24 construction locations within the East Shoa, Arsi and West Arsin Zones. All systems will be constructed and fully functional by 23rd June, 2008. Bidders are welcome to bid on any or al of the locations the bidders belive it can construct within this time frame.

Application forms, detailed works specifications and a list of locations may be obtained from the Crown Agents’ office. Submitted applications must include.

1.      Identification of locations the bidder intends to construct with project schedule

2.      The U.S. government Standard Form 330, consisting of 6 pages of technical information to be completed by the bidder. If a Bidder requires additional space to complete a section, then additional pages of that section may be included by the Bidder. Failure to complete all sections by a Bidder may result in disqualification of the bid.

3.      Resumes for each nominated professional

4.      Copies of Professional Certificates, Licensees and Qualifications of the submitting entity.

In accordance with US Government procurement regulations, evaluation of bids will be based on the technical ability of each potential contractor to undertake such work, including professional qualifications, specialized experience, capacity to accomplish the work in the required time, past performance, knowledge of the locality of the project, and acceptability under other appropriate of the locality of the project, and acceptability under other appropriate evaluation criteria. Discussions with the most highly qualified firms will ensue to finalize contracts.

All bids are to be submitted as ONE ORIGINAL, ONE HARD COPY, and ONE SOFT COPY, in sealed and signed envelopes by 3:00 P.M. afternoon 19 June 2008 to:

Crown Agents Ethiopia, IRS Project
Dabi Complex, 5th Floor
Bole Road
Addis Ababa
Multiple contracts may be awarded


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