Bid No.


Issued By

Amhara National Regional State Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 200.00

Published Date

November 8, 2008

Opening Date

See detail below


Bid Category




BUREAU OF AGRICULTURAL & RURAL DEVELOPMENT Irrigation & Drainage Development Process hereby invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the maintenance of irrigation projects at different Woreda in the region. The bidding consist HEAD WORK & INFRASTRUCTURE REHABILITATION Construction.

The Projects are:


Project Name



Amount of Bid Security

Category of invited Contractors

Lot -1

Za Micro Earth Dam

North Gondar

East Belessa


GC 7 and above

Lot -2

Azuwary Diversion Irrigation Project

East gojjam

Goncha seeso Ensie


GC 7 and above

Lot -3

Selge & Yedu Division Irrigation Project

South Wollo



GC 7 and above

Lot -4

Bebedes Division Irrigation Project

South Gonder



GC 7 and above

Lot -5

Tikur Wuha

North Showa



GC 7 and above

Lot -6


West Gojjam



GC 7 and above

Lot -7

Tikur Wuha

West Gojjam



GC 7 and above

1.      This bidding is open to all bidders who have a license of GC 7, 6 and above as stated above. The bidder should have eligibility documents such as VAT, TIN, Trade registration, professional certificates, renewed trade license for the current year and license for water construction works from Federal Ministry of Water Resources.

2.      Bidders should present their license and eligibility documents with their offer. All documents including the bid bond shall  state the bidder’s name.

3.      Interested eligible bidders could purchase the bidding documents during office hours upon payment of non-refundable fee of Birr 200 Birr (Two Hundred) from procurement Transport and supplies management process of Water Resources Development Bureau Room No.3 at Bahir Dar Near Bahir Dar University Main Campus.

4.      Bidder could participate for one or more lots but the Bureau will award only one lot for a bidder.

5.      If the bidder has an alternative bid it shall be submitted in separate envelope with its bid security bond. Alternative bids will be considered and evaluated independently.

6.      All bids must be accompanied by a bid security equivalent to 1% of the total offered value in the form of CPO or un coordination Bank guarantee payable to BoWRD.

7.      Bidding documents shall be sealed in three envelopes separately as stated in the instruction to bidders and delivered to Water Resource Development Bureau Procurement Transport and Suppliers Management Process.

8.      All bids shall be in fixed price, no price adjustment is allowed. The price shall be quoted in local currency; Birr.

9.      Bids shall be valid for a period of 120 days after bid opening date.

10.  Bid closing date shall be on the 21st calendar day counted from the first date of this advertisement at 2:00 P.M. If the 21st Calendar day falls on week ends or holidays the bid closing date shall be the next working day.

11.  Bids will be opened at 3:00 P.M. on the bid closing date at Water Resource Development Bureau, in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives who choose to attend.

12.  BUREAU OF AGRICULTURE & RURAL DEVELOPMENT reserves the right to accept or reject all or part of the bid, and to annual the bidding process.

13.  Bidders could obtain further information or clarification with the following address.

Amhara National Regional State Agricultural and Rural Development Bureau
Irrigation & Drainage Development Process,
Near Bahir Dar University Main Campus
Tel. 058 220 08 53 Or 058 220 17 72 Or 220 10 87
Fax. 251 058 220 20 40
P.O. Box 88
Bahir Dar


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