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Issued By

Japan International Cooperation System

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 1,000.00

Published Date

July 1, 2009

Opening Date

See detail below


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Japan International Cooperation System

Construction of Primary and Secondary Schools under Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid 2009 for the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

1.      The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (hereinafter referred to as “Ethiopia”) has received Grant Aid from the Government of Japan as per the Exchange of Notes dated the 21st of May 2009 (hereinafter referred to as “the E/N”) for the purchase of products and services necessary for the execution of the Programme by Ethiopia for the Construction of Primary and Secondary Schools (hereinafter referred to as “the Programme”) and intends to apply a part of the fund of the Grant Aid to eligible payments under the contract(s) for which this Bidding Documents are issued. Under the Programme, Japan International Cooperation System (JICS) (hereinafter referred to as “the Employer”) acts as an implementing agent for and on behalf of Ethiopia to procure the construction works utilizing the funds available in accordance with the E/N. The Employer is also delegated to conclude the contract with the Contractor and to make a payment to the Contractor.

2.      This Invitation for Bid is open to eligible bidders from all countries conforming with the following criteria:

Category GC/BC class three (3) and above,
Having a renewed license registration certificate,
Having a tax registration certificate valid for the current year, and
Furnishing necessary labours, materials and equipments, for the construction and completion of primary and /or secondary school in Addis Ababa city.

3.      One bidder shall offer his/her bid only for one of the following lots in the table below.

Bid Number (Lots)

Project Site


JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-01

Housing Project Primary school


JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-02

UNISA Primary school

Akaki Kaliti

JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-03

Lafto Kebele 15 Primary school

Nefas Silk Lafto

JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-04

Midekssa 01/02 Primary school


JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-05

01/05 (World Bank Site) Primary school

Kolfe kernyo

JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-06

Bole Addis Primary school [existing]


JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-07

Andode Village Secondary school

Akaki kaliti

JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-08

Hana Primary school

Nefas Silk Lafto

JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-09

Meri 20/21 Primary school


JICS/NP/ET/ 2009-10

04 Primary School [to be transterred]

Kolfe kernyo

4.      Interested eligible bidders may obtain a complete set of the Bidding Document upon payment of non-refundable fee of Birr 1,000 (One Thousand Birr) at the Employer’s office addressed below. The Latter of intention for buying the Bidding Documents and evidence documents for the eligibility mentioned above (original & copy) shall be submitted at the time of purchasing the documents. If a prospective bidder does not satisfy the conditions of the eligibility mentioned above, the bidder may not purchase the Bidding Documents.



Time (European Standard)

Distribution of Bids Documents

1st July to 20th July 2009

09:00 to 11:00 and 14:00 to 16:00 hrs

Pre-bid meeting

6th July, 2009


Bids Submission

3rd August, 2009

09:00to 11:00 hrs

Technical Proposal opening

3rd August, 2009

14:00 hrs

Financial Proposal opening

(to be announced later)


5.      The Employer reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

6.      Contact project office:

Mr. keizo Inoue, Project Manager, Japan International Cooperation
Addis Ababa City Administration Infrastructure and
Construction Authority, Contract Administration and Supervision
Department, Addis Ababa City Government Hall

For any inquiries for this invitation, please contact to the above in writing Verbal inquiry is not acceptable .


Bidders are also kindly requested to visit the site before they submit their bid offers.

Japan International Cooperation System


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