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April 19, 2009

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Making The Economic Case



Assessment of the Vehicle of the
Procurement area System of Ethiopia,
“making the economic case”.

1.      Background SDPASE: (Sustainable Development of the Protected Areas System of Ethiopia)

SDPASE has stared on the 1st Oct. 2008. It is funded by the Global Environment Facility/UNDP. Other funding sources are the Government of Ethiopia and co-funding institutions like NGOs, bilateral development projects etc.

The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) has been charged by Government and UNDP implement the project. SDPASE is embedded in EWCA, and GTZ-IS (German Agency for Technical Cooperation-International Services) is the implementing partner of EWCA, and GTZ-IS (German Agency for Technical Cooperation-International Services) is the implementing partner of EWCA for the first phase of the project.

2.      Objective of the consultancy

The Consultant is to collect and compile the “business” arguments for the PA-system of Ethiopia and EWCA in particular, which will be Utilized to solicit for Government and partner funding and support. On the basis of the business case, the study will provide arguments to mainstream the PA system of Ethiopia into the broader development context, in particular in the pro poor-development agenda of the PASDEP.

3.      Main elements

Make a persuasive case for EWCA’s strategy to meeting its mandate that includes:

Value of PA-system and wildlife to Ethiopian economy

The role of PAs in assuring sustainability of development

Current and future benefits of the system, sources of income, in particular tourism, consumptive utilization, other PES

Costs of the PA-system, including opportunity costs of land use

Cost-benefit considerations, including costs of not investing, like climate change.

Summary of core functions and services, and how EWCA is organized to deliver

Analysis of EWCA addressing capacity development and human resource issues

Business plan and viability-provide details on the financial plan for the PA System including the returns on investment

Write the business case in a format that is easily understandable by non-natural resources personnel and politicians.

Estimate the value of the PA-system for the development of the local economies and the national development of Ethiopia, present the economic arguments for mainstreaming.

Deliverables and timeframe

The expected duration of this work is 3 months with a start date of 1st May 2009, and the completion of the final business plan by end of August, 2009.

Competences required

The consultant(s) or consulting firm must demonstrate the following competencies:

Extensive experience in the development of business cases in the environmental sector; especially PA-systems,

Extensive experience with economic studies in the environmental sector; especially PA-systems.

An understanding and knowledge of government objectives, targets and strategies of the Wildlife sector, including the budgetary process; and how the EWCA fits within this context;

Extensive experience of human resource planning;

Extensive experience in budgeting and financial projections;

Knowledge of Ethiopia’s PASP, sector strategies, the Government’s Business Planning approach.

Knowledge of similar approaches and studies carried out in similar situations, particularly in Africa,

Knowledge of GEF and UNDP environmental and biodiversity strategies.

Knowledge of Poverty Reduction Strategies and the respective Millennium Development Goals and strategies to achieve them.

Contractual arrangements

The contract will be drawn up between GTZ-IS and the service provider. Interested service providers are kindly asked to contract Or for the detailed tender document.

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