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Save the Children UK

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Published Date

January 17, 2009

Opening Date

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For the construction of Warehouse in Afar regional State
In Teru, Gulina and Chifra

Organizational Profile

Save the Children UK has been operational in Ethiopia since 1973 and the organization has developed into one of the largest NGOs in the country. Currently SCUK operates a program that work:Health/HIV AIDS, Education and Hunger reduction. The programme works to ensure quality programming on the ground forms that basis upon which to adovate for greater changers in policy and practice by key duty-bearers at regional and global levels. In order to achieve this Programme. It is therefore organized into different departments. All of save the children UK Programme activities and many advocacy initiatives take place In Save the Children UK’s three operational areas of Amhara, Somali and afar National Regional state. Save the Children UK Ethiopia program currently mangers more than 400 nationally appointed and UK appointed staff and substantial amount o financial and materials resources. Save the Children UK Ethiopia Programme is financed from both its unrestricted money and from grants of different donors requires substantial amount of quality and efficient human resources.

To all interested Contractors of Category GC/BC/class 7 & 6 and above with valid license for year 2008.

1.      Save the children UK, Afar PSNP Coordination office now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the furnishing of the necessary labor, materials and equipment for the construction of warehouse in Afar regional state, Teru, Chifra and Gulina woreda of different sizes and types as detailed below.


Project Site

Type of Construction


Estimation Completion Date



Hollow block Building

BC/GC 6 and above

90 Cal. Days



Hollow block Building

BC/GC 6 and above

90 Cal. Days



Foundation work/Mass concrete for Rub hall tent

BC/GC 8 and above

90 Cal. Days



Foundation Work/Mass concrete for Rub Hall tent

BC/GC 8 and above

90 Cal. Days



Corrugated iron sheet warehouse

BC/GC 8and above

90 Cal. Days

2.      Interested bidders will be expected to have local knowledge of the condition in these parts of Afar and should the wherewithal to deal with them in terms of logistical back up and staffing and previous experience of being doing in theses similar areas are essential.

3.      Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from office and inspect the bid document at Afar Regional State, SCUK, PSNP PAP coordination office in Semera or ANRS WUDB.

4.      Please note that the PSNP PAP project is funded by USAID and therefore is a VAT free.

5.      A compete set of bidding document may be purchased by any interested eligible bidders upon payment of Birr 100 for a single document from Semera SCUK office.

6.      Bids must be submitted based on the free market price and current basic materials price and must be submitted attached with the bid documents.

7.      Purchase of all construction materials, transportation costs and labor costs will be fully covered by the winner of the bid.

8.      Bids must be accomplished by a bid security 1% of the total amount of the bid in the form of CPO or Bank Guaranty only and must be delivered inside the sealed bid document.

9.      Bids will be received for 21 consecutive days commencing the date of advertisement and ends from 20th Jan. to 9th Feb. 2009 at 4:00 PM.

10.  Interested bidders are requested to submit their technical and financial offer and all legal documents along with the contractor profile to the tender committee to be dropped in the tender boxes provided at reception in Semera. Any unreadable or erased bid documents submitted will be invalid.

11.  Bids will be opened on the same day of closing date at 4:15 PM in the presence of respective bidders or other legal representatives who choose to attend in the closing date in the office of Save the Children UK, Afar PSNP PAP in Semera.

12.  Please note that the extended packing or envelopes MUST NOT bear the name or markings which may identify the bidding contract company. Write the words “TENDER Construction of Warehouse” and indicate reference number of the bid on the envelope.

13.  Documents submitted later than the indicated date and closing time will be automatically disqualified.


            SCUK reserve the right to alter the date of the time table           

SUCK does not commit itself to accept the lowest cost or any specific tender, but will made decision based on internal rules to obtain the best service possible.

SCUK is in no way responsible for cost for preparation of the tender response.

            SCUK reserves the right to accept or reject any of the bids either in whole or part thereof and is not bound to given reasons.

Save the Children UK
Tel. 033 666 03 00 Or 666 03 04 Or 033 666 00 02


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