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Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development

Bid Doc. Price

See detail below

Published Date

January 6, 2009

Opening Date

March 10, 2009


Bid Category

Laboratory Material & Equipment



Public document to be completed by the Contracting Authority
Supply of laboratory material and equipment
Addis Ababa and Jimma

1.      Publication reference


2.      Procedure

International open procedure

3.      Programme


4.      Financing

Financing agreement n0 8 ACP –ET12

5.      Contracting authority

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Extension Department
P.O. Box 62347
Addis Ababa


6.      Description of the contract

The contract aims at procuring laboratory equipment and material for the Coffee Improvement Programme CIP IV. Equipment will be mean for strengthening analysis capacity of Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) though the implementation of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography technology (HPLC), as well as the capacity of the Centre for micropropagation of improved hybrids though tissue culture. OTA (Ochtatoxin A) equipment will be installed in Coffee Liquoring Until (CUL) in order to identify the extent and level of Ochratoxin in Ethiopian coffee.

7.      Number and titles of lots

Lot 1: Material and equipment for traceability and caffeine analysis

Lot 2: Material and equipment for biotechnology laboratory (tissue culture and molecular biology)

Lot 3: Material and equipment for macro, micro, and plant biochemical constituent analysis.

Lot 4: Material and equipment for Ochratoxin A analysis

                        TERMS OF PARTICIPATION

8.      Eligibility and rules of origin

Participation is open to all legal persons participating either individually or in a grouping (consortium) of tenders which are established in a Member State of the European Union or in a country or territory of the regions covered and/or authorized by the specific instruments applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed (see item 22 below). All goods suppliers under this contract must originate in one or more of these counties. Participation if also open to international organizations. Participation of natural persons is directly governed by the specific instruments applicable to the programme under which the contract is financed.

9.      Grounds for exclusion

Tenders must submit a statement to the effect that they are not in any of the situations listed in point 2.3.3 of the Practical Guide to contracts procedures for EC external actions.

10.  Number of tenders

Tenders may submit only one tender per lot. Tenders for parts of a lot will not be considered. Any tenderer may state in its tender that it would offer a discount in the event that its tender is accepted for more than one lot. Tenders may not submit a tender for a variant solution in addition to their tender for the suppliers required in the tender dossier.

11.  Tender guarantee

Tenders must provide a tender guarantee of 5,000 E for Lot-1, 1,880 E for lot-2, 1,300 E for Lot-3, 2,800 E for Lot-4 and 11,180 E for all lots when submitting their tender. This guarantee will be released to unsuccessful tenders once the tender. This guarantee will be released to unsuccessful tenders once the tender procedure has been completed and to the successful tenders(s) upon signature of the contract by all parties. This guarantee will be called upon if the tender does not fulfill obligations stated in its tender.

12.  Performance guarantee

The successful tender will be asked to provide a performance guarantee of 10% of the amount of the contract at the signing of the contract. This guarantee must be provided no later than 30 days after the tenderer receives the contract singed by the Contracting Authority. If the selected tender fails to provide such a guarantee within this period, the contract will be void and a new contract may be drawn up and sent to the tender which has submitted the next best compliant tender.

13.  Information meeting and/or site visit

No information meeting is planned.

14.  Tender validity

Tenders must remain valid for a period of 90 days after the deadline for submission of tenders.

15.  Period of performance

The period from contract signature until the provisional acceptance will not exceed 155 days.

16.  Selection criteria

The following selection criteria will be applied to tenderers. In the case of tenders submitted by a consortium, these selection criteria will be applied to the consortium as a whole.

1)      Economic and financial capacity of tenderer (based on i.e. item 3 of the Tender Form for a Supply Contract).

Average annual turnover of the last 2 (two years) shall be at least

                  780,000 euros for lot 1
                  280,000 euros for lot 2
                  200,000 euros for lot 3
                  420,000 euros for lot 4

The average of the cash and cash equivalents at the beginning and end of each year are positive for the last two (2) years.

2)      Professional capacity of tenderer (based on i.e. items 4 and 5 of the Tender Form for a Supply Contract’;

    At lest 5 staff currently work

    At lest 3 staff working permanently.

3)      Technical capacity of tenderer (based on i.e items 5 and 6 of the Tender Form for a Supply Contract):

At least two (2) contracts/projects where the tender has provide similar equipment to those for which it is bidding in this tender during the last three (3) years.

The tenderer must submit a list of the principal supplies delivered in the past three years (3), with the sums, dates and recipients, public or private, where the supplies and the relevant service were provide to Contracting Authorities, and evidence of performance which takes the form of certificates issued or countersigned by the completent authority.

An economic operator may, where appropriate and for a particular contact, rely on the capacities of other entities, regardless of the legal nature of the links which it has with them. It must in that case prove to the Contracting Authority that it will have at its disposal the resources necessary for performance of the contract, for example by producing and an undertaking on the part of those entities to place those resources at its disposal. Such entities must respect the same rules of eligibility and notably that of nationality, as the economic operator.

17.  Award criteria


18.  How to obtain the tender dossier

The tender dossier is available from the following Internet address The tender dossier is also available for collection from the Contracting Authority. Tenders must be submitted using the standard Tender Forma for a Supply Contract included in the tender dossier, whose format and instructions must be strictly observed.

Tenders with questions regarding the tender should send them in writing to:

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Coffee Improvement Programme CIP IV
Fax. +251 11 551 29 84
P.O. Box 62347
Addis Ababa

(mentioning the publication reference shown in item 1) at least 21 days before the deadline for submission of tenders given in item 19,. The Contracting Authority must reply to all tenders’ questions at least 11 days before the deadline for submission of tenders. Eventual clarifications to the tender dossier shall be published on the EuropeAid website at ADSSCheck=1225869448549&do=publi.welcome&userlange=en

19.  Deadline for submission of tenders

Tenders must be received at Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, Procurement, Finance and Property Administration Department Room No. 33 before March 10, 2009 at 12:00 hrs .local time.

Any tender received after this deadline will not be considered.

20.  Tender opening session

At 14:00 hrs local time on March 10, 2009  at Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, Procurement, Finance and Property Administration Department Room No.33 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

21.  Language of the procedure

 All written communications for this tender procedure and contract must be in English.

22.  Legal basis

ACP-EC Partnership Agreements singed at Cotonou on 23 June 2000 as amended on 25 June 2005

Decision No.2/2002 of the ACP-EC Council of Ministers published in OJ L 320 of 23/11/2002.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Addis Ababa


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