Bid No.


Issued By

Oromia National Regional State Water Resources Bureau

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 300.00

Published Date

March 1, 2009

Opening Date

March 30, 2009


Bid Category




Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene Program
MDTF Grant No. TF 091704
IFB Title:- Small Works Construction-Civil
Works for Rural Water Supply Projects (RPS)

1.      The Oromia National Regional State Water Resources Bureau through the government of Ethiopia has received grant from Multi Donor Trust Fund towards cost of the Water Supply & sanitation projects & now invites al eligible bidders for the construction of Nine Water Supply project in Nine Woredas of the Region.

      The project in short comprises capping of springs, collection chambers, installation of (GL/UpVC/DCI) pipes, and construction of reservoirs, pump Houses, cattle trough and public fountains plus other related civil works. 

Lot No.



Project site Name



Limu Seka


Seka Chokorsa

Ula Uke

Lot 2

South WestShoa

Sebeta Hawasa


Lot 3

West Shoa



Lot 4

West Shoa

Mida Kegan

Goda arba

Ilala Jeba

Lot 5

East Hararge

Melka Belo



Geba Gudina

Lot 6


Dugda Dawa

Hidha Korma

2.      A complete set of bidding documents can be purchased by eligible bidders upon payment of non-refundable fee of Eth. Birr 300.00 for al lots from: Oromia Regional Water Resources Bureau, 4th floor Room number 403, Tel number 251-16558374.

3.      Bidders must obtain registration for category GC/WC6 & above licensed for Water Works with valid license for the current year.

4.      Bidders must submit the TENDER QUESTIONNAIRE and the BID OFFER in separate envelopes in duplicate copies labeled as ORIGINAL and COPY accompanied by a bid security in an acceptable form in the amount not less than 1% of the bid amount Bids shall be delivered to Oromia Regional Water Resources Bureau, WASH Program Support Office 4th floor, Room number 403, Finfinne on or before 2:00 P.M March 30,2009 Late bids will be rejected.

5.      Bidders may submit offers for all contracts or individually for each Lot.

6.      Bidders must meet the minimum qualification criteria in the Tender Questionnaire for the award of single or multiple contracts.

7.      Tender will be opened in the presence of interested bidders or their representatives at 2:30 P.M hours on March 30, 2009 at Oromia Regional Water Resources Bureau Conference Room,3rd floor.

8.      Aggregate merit points obtained in Tender Questionnaire and Bid Offer will determine the acceptable bidder for subsequent action.

9.      The Oromia National Regional State Water Resources Bureau reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids.

Oromia Regional Water Resources Bureau
WaSH Program Support Office,4th floor
Room Number 403
Tel 011 655 8374


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