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Almeda Textile Plc

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May 17, 2009

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We need to sell the following knit dying machineries and the detail technical specifications are as follows. There fore any buyer is welcome to purchase our vital knit dyeing machine.

1.      Winch machine

Technical Specification

Design loading capacity 320kg
Attainable working capacity -250 kg
Steam pressure 8 bar
Duration needed for dyed baths 11:00 hrs
Duration needed for full white 4:30 hrs
Chemicals dosing – Manual
Fabric plate –Un functional
Sensor –Functional
Electrical board – some of non functional signal
Heat exchanger –longing dinal splits
Speed of the which (exhstive)- 150m/min but adjustable as
Per the production requirement
Chemical and water demand – as per production process
Circular motor – Operational
Manufacturer- Ober Mayer, made in Germany

2. Squeezing M/C
Technical Specification

Machine speed -60m/min
Fully automatic
Manufacturer – Wise, made in Germany

3. Calendaring machine

Machine speed -40m/min
Fully automatic
Manufacturer – Wise, made in Germany

Note: Your price can be quoted and send through envelope as per Almeda  address given here in this below.

Almeda Textile PLC
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