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Issued By

National Bank of Ethiopia

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Published Date

February 24, 2010

Opening Date

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Bid Category

Start-up & Commissioning



Request for Proposal (RFP)
For the Supply, Start-up and Commissioning of Bank
Notes Counting Destruction and Briquetting System
Two-stage Bidding, RFI No. 1/Bank Notes Processing,
CMD 2-NBE-First Stage

1.      The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) intends to prepare technical specification under two stage bidding procedure and would like to invites eligible bidders to submit sealed bids for the provision of information for the supply, installation, start-up and commissioning of;

  1. Bank notes processing machines including accessories;
  2. Bank notes shredding machine (off-line) including accessories;
  3. Bank notes packing machine including accessories;
  4. Briquetting machine including accessories with the requirements to include the key information, training and technical support both before and before and after commissioning and start-up of the project.

2.      Bidding will be conducted using the two stage bidding procedure and is open to all interested bidders that meets the following minimum qualification;

  1. In the first stage, the bidder must submit its technical proposal to supply the cash notes counting, sorting, shredding, packing and briquetting system, as integrated system or any other option to the NBE. The NBE will expect the full functionality including the standard integration to be demonstrated as part of the technical proposal evaluation process.
  2. Must have the necessary professional and technical qualifications and managerial capabilities to perform the contract. The bidder should have adequate and relevant experience in the supply, installation and start-up of bank notes sorting, counting, packing, destruction and briquetting system;
  3. The bidder must have strong financial background which enables it to execute the contract.
  4. Bidders must provide technical support and maintenance services on a contract basis after the start-up of the cash processing and destruction system by assigning engineers both through local representative and from the head office as will be agreed in the contract to be singed between the two parties.

3.      A two stage bidding process will be used which will proceed as follows;

a.      The first stage bid shall consist of a technical bid only, without any reference to prices, but including a detail list of the technical conditions of the system to be supplied and/or adding any alternative solutions a bidder wishes to offer, and a justification, thereon;

b.      Following the evaluation of first stage bids, a bidder that adequately meets the minimum acceptable qualification criteria and has submitted a sufficiently technical responsive bid may be invited to attend clarification meeting (s).

c.      Bidders may not be invited to submit second stage bids, if their first stage bids contain departures from the requirements in such numbers or of such nature that make the bids not fully responsive for the two stage process. All other suitably qualified and eligible bidders, however, shall receive invitation to submit second stage bids.

d.      Companies which did not take part in the first stage bid will not be allowed to participate in the second stage bid.

e.      The second stage bid shall consist of;

1.      Full technical bid incorporating the needs of the NBE as specified in the detail bid document to be provided to short listed bidders by the NBE, and

2.      The Commercial bid.

Any required bid-specific changes, additions, deletions and other adjustments will be noted and recorded in a memorandum, or if amendments are of a general nature, will be promulgated via an addendum to the bidding documents.

4.      Bidders should indicated the following minimum technical conditions of the machines they intend to supply to the NBE. They are required to provide detail specifications as much as possible for the system(s) they intend to offer.

a. Bank notes processing machines.

Machine sorting and counting speed.
Number of stackers, feeding rate and feeding capacity;
Bank notes size processed by the machine;
Sensory stem sorting features and capabilities;
Materials processed over the machine;
Minimum capacity of reject compartment
Detection capabilities and
Other important features

b.      Bank notes destruction and briquetting machines.

Shredder machine capacity.
Shredder machine storage cabinet loading capacity;
Shredder knives grinding interval (change) and quality;
Shredder storage cabinet size;
Compactor capacity;
Briquetting machine capacity;
The size of Silo;
Number of compactor and capacity;

c.       Notes packing (wrapping) machine functionality

d.       Operating conditions for all machines;

Power supply;
Ambient working temperature;
Relative humidity;
Noise and
Such other details.

5.      First stage bids must be delivered to the address given below latest at 4:00 P.M. March 13, 2010. Late bids will not be accepted by the Bank.

6.      Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the National Bank of Ethiopia, Currency Management Directorate with respect to the bidding at the address given below from 8:00 to 12:00 A.M. and from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. (Local time) Monday –Friday.

Address: Mr. Abebe Senbete
Currency Management Directorate, National Bank of Ethiopia
(Old Building, Ground Floor)
Tel. 251 115 51 42 53 Or 251 115 51 74 30 Ext. 104
Fax. 251 115 51 17 14 Or 251 115 51 45 58
P.O. Box 5550
Addis Ababa


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