Bid No.

UP/op/475 (OB/06/02)

Issued By

Comet Transport S. Co.

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 500.00

Published Date

January 20, 2010

Opening Date

See detail below


Bid Category




COMET TRANSPORT S. CO. would like to build G+0 office Building and Store at Addis Ababa site.

1.      COMET TRANSPORT S. CO. invites all eligible contractors of category GC/BC 4 and above who would be financially and technically capable to furnish the necessary labor, material and equipment to under take the construction of G+0 Office Building and Store at Addis Ababa.

2.      Interested bidder should have:

VAT Registration Certificate
Renewed License for 2002 E.C.
Valid registration certificate from the MOWUD
Tax clearance certificate from Inland Revenue Authority

3.       A complete set of bidding documents can be purchased as of 30 days beginning from the announcement date on The Ethiopian Herald News Paper from COMET TRANSPORT S. CO. Office Tel. 011 652 40 13, Fax. 251 114 42 60 24, upon a payment of non-refundable fee of Birr 500 (Five Hundred Birr only)

4.      Interested eligible contractors may obtain further information and inspect the bid document at the office of:


Tel. 011 442 12 41
Fax. 251 114 42 60 24
E-mail: cometrans
P.O. Box 2402
Addis Ababa


4.2   4.2     Ultimate Plan PLC
Consulting architects & Engineers
Bole Road in front of New York Café SA
(Garad Building) 6th floor Room No. 407-6-2
Tel. 251 11 552 29 25 Or 552 29 26
Fax. 251 11 552 29 28
P.O. Box 17195
Addis Ababa

5.      The Offer envelopes should be submitted as follows:

5.1      The original and one copy of the offer document shall be salad in separate envelopes and marked “Original Offer Document” and a “Copy of Offer Document” respectively.

5.2      The Bid Security will be sealed in a separate envelope marked “Bid Security”. The envelopes in 5.1 and 5.2 shall then be sealed in an outer envelope marked “Offer Document for the Construction of G+0 Office Building and store.”

6.      The Qualification envelopes shall be submitted as follows:

The original and copy of the Qualification document shall be sealed in a separate envelope and marked Envelopes shall then be sealed in an outer envelope marked: “Qualification Document for the Construction of G+0 Office Building and store”

7.      The Bid documents shall be accompanied by Bid Security in the amount of 2% percent of the total bid amount but not more than a maximum of Birr 100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand) in an acceptable form of Bank guarantee/CPO and must be addressed to COMET TRANSPORT S. Co.

8.      Wax-sealed envelopes containing an original and copy of offer and qualification documents shall be submitted to the office of COMET TRANSPORT S. CO. Addis Ababa Tel. 114424777 Fax. 251-114426024, P.O. Box 2402 Addis Ababa before the 30th calendar day beginning from the announcement of the newspaper before 12:00 A.M. If the 30th day is not a working day the submission date will be the next working day before 12:00 A.M.

9.      The qualification envelopes will be opened on the last bid submission date at 2:00 P.M. at COMET TRANSPORT S. Co. office in the presence of bidders or their representative.

10.  Pre tender meeting will be conducted if and only if the employer desires to do so.

11.   The employer reserves the right to reject any or all bids.



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