Bid No.

OEB/CW/NCB/IFB No.50/2009

Issued By

Holota Education Office

Bid Doc. Price

Birr 2000.00

Published Date

January 3, 2010

Opening Date

February 5, 2010


Bid Category




1.      Holota Education office has received a budget from Holota town municipality to wards the cost of construction of Holota higher secondary school.

2.       The Holota  Education office now invites all contractor of category general or building contractor three with renewed license  valid for the year 2010 for furnishing the necessary labor ,material , equipment and service for the construction of the school .

3.      Bidding document may be purchased at the office of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Oromia  National Regional State Education Bureau, near sabert area in the Oromia National  Regional State offices  Compound , P.O .Box 8728 Tel( 251) -0118400385 Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia up on submission of written application and a non-refundable fee of Birr 2000(Two  Thousand Birr) starting from January 5,2010 up to January 26,2010.

4.      A bidder has to registered to collect “VAT” and copy of VAT certificate, trade license and registration certificate must be submitted attached with the application.

5.      Bidders may obtain further information, inspect and acquire the bidding document ,from the above mentioned office.

6.       All bids must be accompanied by a bid security in an acceptable form, valid for 90 days after the date of bid opening, in CPO of 2%of the bid amount.

7.       Submission and opening of the bid ,

7.1. The dead line of bid (both qualification and financial offers independently)  submission shall be on or before 10:00am of February 5,2010

7.2 The original and copy of the qualification document shall be placed in a sealed envelope marked as “QUALIFICATION DOCUMENT” and warning “DO NOT OPEN WITH THE FINANCIAL  OFFER” both envelopes shall be placed in a large outer envelope and envelope and wax-sealed. This outer envelope shall bear the submission address and be clearly marked as “TO BE OPENED ONLY IN THE PRESENCE OF TENDER COMMITTEE”.

7.2.The original and copy  of the financial offer document shall be placed in a sealed envelope marked as “THE FINANCIAL OFFER DOCUMENT” and warning “DO NOT OPEN WITH THE QUALIFICATION DOCUMENT” both envelopes shall be placed in a large outer envelope and wax-sealed. This outer envelope shall   bear the submission address and other information indicated on in the data sheet and be clearly marked as “TOBE OPENED ONLY IN THE PRESENCE OF TENDER COMMITTEE”.

7.4 In preparing the bid document bidders are expected to examine the bid data in the tender document

7.5 The qualification document will be opened at 10:30a.m. of February 5,2010.

7.6 The financial offer document shall remain sealed and deposited in a box prepared for this purpose in the presence of auditor or any other authorized body by the client, until financial offer(s) of qualified bidders are opened publicly.

7.7 The committee assigned by the client will evaluate the qualification of the bidders based on the basis of their responsiveness criterion , sub-criterion and points assigned to the criterion in the data sheet.Each qualification document  will be given the score point. A bidder will be rejected at this stage if it does not respond to the tender document or fails to achieve the minimum technical score indicated in the tender document .

7.8 Only financial offers of those bidders who score the minimum qualifying point, 70(seventy) and above, will be opened on the financial opening date. The financial opening of the bidders who have scored less than the minimum passing point (i.e70) will be returned  unopened.

7.9.The client shall address the financial opening date and time to the bidders.

7.10.Any attempt of submission forged (false) document and/or indication of financial offer on the qualification document shall result in rejection of the bid.

7.11.The client shall not bear any responsibility for misplacement of “QUALIFICATION DOUCMETN” in “THE FINANCIAL OFFER DOCUMENT” envelopment or vice versa, which result in rejection of the bidder.

8. The validity of the bid shall be 90 days from the date of bid opening.

9.The construction of the work shall be completed within a maximum of 300 calendar days from the commencement date of the work.

10.The Holeta Education office reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Holota Education Office


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