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CPDE Three Coffee Plantation

CPDE has three well known Coffee Plantations namely Limmu, Tepi and Bebeka with their unique and popular flavor which is the reflection of their specific locations, varieties professional management and skills.



Products: Coffee, Fruits, Honey, Spices, Rubber tree


Location: 595 Km from Addis Ababa.


Region: South People


Area: 9113 Hectare


History: Bebeka coffee plantation is located relatively at lower to medium altitude from 1000 to 1350 m.a.s.l than other plantations. Producing coffee with low acidity, mild body, and balanced cup quality.



Products: Coffee, Maize, Pine Apple, Honey, Cereals


Location: 431 Km from Addis Ababa


Region: S.N.P.P and Oromiya


Area: 11,182 Hectare


History: Limmu coffee plantation produces a well known top quality coffee with spicy and winery flavors, fair body and acidity. Limmu coffee plantation is stretched over the highland areas at altitudes ranging from 1400m to 1900 m.a.s.l; which is the ideal Arabica coffee growing ecology in the topic.



Products: Coffee, Fruits, Spices, Honey, Palm Oil


Location: 587 Km from Addis Ababa


Region: S.N.P.P and Gambela


Area: 8100 Hectare


History: Teppi coffee plantation is located in the medium to high altitude ranges between 1200 to 1850 m.a.s.l



Production System

The production system is based on sustainability principles for sustainable production through protection of the farming environment and improving the living and working Conditions of the employees and produce high quality coffee by implementing Good Agricultural Practices where there is production homogeneity with diversity, modernity with in originality. All plantations are shade grown coffee, conserved soil and water and protect pollution of the environment by enriching the soil with nitrogen fixing plants and left over litters. For the employees, The Enterprise provides Houses, Schools for Children, potable Water, Electricity, Health care, recreation facilities, etc. free of charge.

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