Property Claims

The Ethiopian Privatization Agency has received a total of 17,000 applications for restoration of confiscated property. After first-stage screening of all of the cases, about 13,000 of the claims were rejected either because the claims were not found to be in accordance with relevant Proclamation or because the applications submitted were not backed up by adequate evidence.

About 4000 of the cases were found to require further investigation which was accordingly carried out and decisions were given on 414 cases about whether or not to return the enterprises to the ex-owners.

The Property Restitution Department of the Ethiopian Privatization Agency has investigated claims on properties illegaly taken by the former regime and, during the first half of the 1999/2000 fiscal year, has given decisions on 336 residential houses, 14 service-giving enterprises (Hotels, Restaurants, etc.), eight manufacturing industries (Coffee processing plants, etc.), three dairy farms, two buildings, and 18 monetary and vehicle claims.

The Department has also received 2,060 applications from July 8, 1999 to January 9, 2000. While 272 of these cases are under further investigation, 1,739 claims that were not found to be in accordance with Proclamation No. 110/95 were closed through primary screening and returned to the applicants. Cases that require further investigations include 243 residential houses, 24 service giving enterprises, three manufacturing industries and two monetary and vehicle claims.

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