About Guna


" To become customer focused, competitive & leader in the Ethiopian market "


" Through sustainable growing profit earning, to contribute to the expansion of EFFORT’s investment hence to the economic & social development of the public & government."


A company with transparency, Honesty, justice & fair treatment.
Corporate citizen in fulfilling public & government obligations
Experienced & skill leadership and manpower, committed
Quality service and product

Our activities are Import, Export, Wholesale & Commission Agent
with an average annual turnover of over 50 million USD

  Business Activities:
  The company as a trading house is highly experienced in marketing in the following areas:
Agricultural products Export main lines of business being:
Natural Oil Seeds,  Natural Gum of Olibanum, Ethiopian Coffee Arabica, Naturally cultivated pulses, Spices.
Import and distribution of:
Construction materials, Agricultural inputs, Industrial inputs & Commission agent ship.
We are working towards diversifying our business lines and value added activities of certain business lines.
Besides our own financial resources, commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Wegagen Bank are our reliable partners.
We as traders & investors are with the following opportunities to exploit:
  The AGOA (African Growth & Opportunity act) offering duty and cota free U.S. Market Access for all products.
  Government special support to strategic agricultural & industrial products
  All rounded reform program of our government to wards fast economic growth.
  Huge market absorption of 71 million population
  Potential market of sister companies and many others.

  Business Objective:
To contribute to the development of an honest and genuine trade industry in the country.
To maximize profit by participating mainly on importation of major Construction, Agricultural & Industrial inputs and of major Agricultural produce.
Guna Trading House PLC is committed to establish extensive and long lasting trade partnership for mutual interest.
Come, we are heartily devoted to bridge you in taking the advantage of the ever promising economic opportunities in the nation.

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