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Coffee Arabica

Ethiopia is the origin of this coffee type. Until now it has kept it’s natural flavor. It grows at large scale at private farmer’s level. Private investors and co-operatives are also entering into the production and processing activity.


Yirgachefe: - Finest of all coffees, well-balanced cup of good mocha flavor.


Sidamo: - Popular among the specialty trade, balanced acidity and body of good quality.


Limmu: - Characterized by its winery after taste. Well balanced, good acidity and body to fine quality.


Teppi: - used in blends this coffee contributes to a good balanced cup and enhances the “wild” characteristic of Ethiopian coffee.


Bebeka: -similar to Teppi this coffee is also used in blends.


Sidamo: - fairly balanced body with fair average quality.  Occasionally ordinary flavor.


Lekempt: - Typically used in blends, light/medium acidity and body, with fair average quality. Class cup rather fruity cup characteristics.


Djimma: - Beans produce a rather heavy-bodied cup with winery after taste.


Harar: - one at the worlds most prized coffees, harrar has a medium to light acidity full body with typical mocha flavor with a winery after test.



Natural Oil Seeds

We mainly export exclusively natural quality seeds growing in the North Western low land areas of the country. The seeds are meticulously cleaned by our Phytosairitay certificate that certifies the seeds are edible is also available.

Variety Include: -


Sesame Seeds
    -   Whitish Humera
    -   Whitish Welega
    -   Reddish
    -   Mixed

Niger seeds


Use: - For Tahina and Halawa and in bakery industries in the Middle East and North Africa. 

The company’s performance in this business made it one among the few prize winner and commendable by its clients for its dependable quality.


Variety Include: -




Black Cumin

White Cumin


And much more

Naturally Cultivated Pulses
Pea Beans



 We usually export of screen 2 standard screen 1 is also possible


 It is uniform in sofe; free from small, shriveled, immature, split broken, large as well as foreign matter which is done by screening using sieves and cleaning devices.

Chick Peas  

  We usually export Grade 3 standard, Grade 1 & 2 is also possible


   It is uniform in site and free from small; immature, shriveled, and foreign matter, which is removed by screening using sieves & cleaning devices.


   We usually export Grade 3 standard, grade 1 & 2 is also possible


   Qualify is maintained using same process & technology stated above

Haricot Beans  
Horse Beans  

Natural Gum Olibanum

Gum Olibanum and Gum Arabic are other major types of export products, which Guna has been known for since its inception. Their origin is mainly northwestern low land of Ethiopia. Collected, cleaned and graded for quality by well experienced professionals under strict supervision by the company. It is gaining popularity by customers in the business.

Gum Olibanum  

Grade 1 (1st choice or >6mm)

Grade 2 (pea size)

Grade 3 (sifting)

Grade 4 (special)


Natural Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic  
  Grade 1
  Grade 2
  Grade 3

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