Horizon Youth Academy has a vision in creating an efficient, competent and quality education in Ethiopia.  Established in 2002 by a private investor (Mr. Negash Haile) who has a strong belief that education is the path in creating a better future for the youth of Ethiopia.  In the past few years Horizon Youth Academy has gain the recognition and reputation in Ethiopia as an institution that is making the difference in the shaping the youth of today to face the challenges of tomorrow.  
Currently the academy is doing its best to provide a relevant, meaningful and qualitative education service at various levels;



          Preparatory classes

          Primary, Junior & Senior Secondary

The School has a great potential of growing into a full-pledged technical and vocational education and in due time upgrade itself to a college and/or a university level.

The relevance and quality of education that the school aspires is due to the quality of teachers and availability of adequate educational materials and facilities. Towards this end, the academy has formed an academic staff at degree and diploma level both from Ethiopians and expatriates.

Believing that modern technology plays a decisive role in the teaching and learning process, the school has been able to introduce a computer courses in its curriculum that has enabled it to achieve good result in the advancement of its studentís enhancement of their education and more technology will utilized in the future.

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