The objectives and Forms of Collaboration

The underlying objective behind the proposed collaboration in the areas of equity joint venture, non-equity joint venture, contracting out the management and leasing out of the business of public enterprises is to ensure maximum utilization of public enterprises' industrial assets and workforce for sustained value creation as part of the industrial undertaking by eliciting responses for cooperation from the technically, managerially and financially sound and capable partners. In the attached list, only the preferred form of cooperation is indicated. However, other forms and their combinations are also welcome should a partner choose so.

Roles and Performance of Partners

The prospective partners are expected to map out their intentions (plans) and how they could implement their plans in detail if they are chosen.

Aspects of participation

Interested parties are requested to submit their proposals covering the following information.


Full name of the company and the contact person, postal address, telephone, tax number and e-mail address.
b) Details of ownership structure of the partner company.
c) Audited financial statements for the last five years of the partner company.
d) Company profile/ credentials including capital, turnover, markets, manpower, etc.
e) List of related partnerships completed /in-hand with brief description, territory, amount, size, duration, facilities provided and completion report if any.
f) Proposed form of partnership with a selected public enterprise and the business plan for partnership.
g) Business plan implementation time frame.
h) Commercial proposal and financing which may include requirements in investment, management fee and rent together with financial projections statements (for the chosen enterprise).
i) Revenue and profit sharing arrangements, if any.
j) Management/operation sharing arrangement, if any.
k) Proposed duration and terms and conditions of the partnership modalities chosen.
l) Marketing strategy.

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