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Every Company has its own history of foundation and process. In the lifetime of a Company, it is obvious that there may be years of tremendous success and recoverable failures.  Like each and every other private Coffee Exporters in Ethiopia, AWDA has got its own history of foundation and progress, of which we are confident to say that AWDA's business history is simply a history of success.

AWDA Pvt. Ltd. Co. was established in 1997 G.C with the objective of procurement, processing and export of best Ethiopian Arabica coffees to the entire world.  It is the continuation of the shareholders' effort, in the coffee sector where he has been investing and expanding the realm of the company.

Mr. Alem Tessema started the business some three decades ago as a supplier of coffee for local consumption.  Consecutively, he managed to establish washed coffee pulping and sun-dried coffee hulling facilities in 'Yirgacheffe', thus supplying his product to the auction center of Addis Ababa.  Intensifying his activity Mr. Alem constructed the modern cleaning plant in Addis Ababa and started exporting coffee to overseas countries.

Organization & Management

The overall business activities of the Company fall under the auspices of the General Manager Mr. Alem Tessema, who is also the owner of the Company. Apart from the General Manager the Company is well armed with experienced and qualified personal of various profession. It is well organized into functionally specialized departments. There are five functional departments pertaining to:


v      Administration and Finance,

v      Export and Documentation,

v      Quality Control and Liquoring,

v      Procurement,

v      Production & technique.

In total, the Company creates employment opportunity for 44 permanent and 700 temporary employees with a possible rise due to the rapid growth of the sector in the future.



Capital     The total capital of the Company is around Br. 40 Million. So the financial position of the Company is more than satisfactory and has not faced any cash shortage for both coffee processing and exporting businesses. The Company also has smooth relations with major financial institutions on short and long term financing. In sum, throughout its operation, AWDA works in a healthy financial position with a timely repayment of debts and gradual expansion.


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