Privatization Process  |  Pre- Privatization   Post-Privatization


The actual process of privatization is handled by the Implementation Department of the EPA. The Implementation Department performs duties such as :

   Preparation of bid documents
   Advertising bids
   Selling bids
   Preparation of contract agreements
   Monitoring the transfer of the enterprise
   Reporting differences in balance sheets, i.e., between the previously worked out valuation and the actual value at the time of the transfer
   Reporting the process to the concerned organs
   Publishing information memorandum

In overseeing the formal handing-over of an enterprise, the department produces Tender documents, Transfer reports, Payment Monitoring Reports, and Performance reports based on information based on valuation reports, enterprise profile, restitution cases, payment data, and buyer information.

The Post - Privatization department is responsible for dealing with monitoring issues after an enterprise has been privatized. The duties of the department include :

   Monitoring whether or not investors are fulfilling their commitments,
   Following up and ensuring that the seller's obligations are met,
   Collecting data on enterprises privatized.

The department maintains links with privatized institutions to carry out its various activities once it takes over the privatization process from the Implementation Department.

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