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The Privatization Preparation and Planning Department performs all preliminary work and studies to prepare an enterprise for selling. Its duties in making an enterprise ready for privatization include :


Preparing sequence or priority plans for the privatization,


Collecting necessary data from the enterprise to be privatized. The data include fixed assets, financial statuses, technical, employment, performance, etc. ,


Conducting studies and analysis of the enterprise to come up with sound options of privatization,


Value the asset and business of enterprises to be privatized,


Act as a counter part for external consultants in cases where external consultants do valuation and other studies.

The department processes stock data from public enterprises, restitution cases approved by the Restitution Department of the EPA, and reports by Consultants, to produce Asset and Valuation Reports and Privatization Strategy plans.

When the Privatization Preparation and Planning department has completed all the necessary work to make an enterprise ready for sale, the Implementation department is takes over the final selling of an enterprise. This department prepares bid documents, advertises the bid and monitors the implementation of the privatization process until a formal handover of the enterprise to the buyer takes place.

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