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Exporter of Best and Quality Ethiopian Highland Arabica coffee


Mullege was established as a local family business some 50 years ago in a well known coffee growing region then called Wolaita Sodo renamed as North Omo.  The family business flourished through the years and got its present name from one of its pioneers and named Mullege PLC in year 1996 mainly engaged in coffee export business

  THE COMPANY HAS UP-TO-DATE COFFEE STORAGE AND CLEANING FACILITIES It has a new coffee storage in Addis Ababa with a capacity of 100,00 qts.  The company has a modern coffee cleaning facility for both washed and sun dried coffee equipped with acceptable standard machinery.  The company is building three big warehouses with an area of 2400 sq. meters each on the 10, 000 sq. meters of land it leased from the government in Addis Ababa.

   Mullege PLC has gained experience in coffee plantation to finally exporting the coffee beans. 

  • It has coffee hullers in the main growing regions (Sidamo and North Omo). 
  • Mullege has coffee purchasing stations in Sidamo, North Omo regions which directly buy coffee from the farmers and transport it to Addis Ababa terminal market. 
  • It has 8 wet processing plants in Sidamo, North Omo, Yirgacheffe and Limu growing areas which produce top quality Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Limu washed coffee. 
  • The company has a well equipped liquoring laboratory with its professional liquoring staff.
THE COMPANY IS MANAGED AND STAFFED BY ETHIOPIAN WHO HAVE GOOD KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCES IN COFFEE PRODUCTION PROCESSING AND MARKETING.  The company’s owner and general manager, Mr Mustefa Awol has many years of experience in coffee business.  Its export manager has over 25 years of experience in different coffee marketing managerial posts and international trade.  The purchasing and processing activities are supervised by the processing a quality control manager who has been involved in the business for the last 22 years.  The company has its own professional coffee liquoring expert.  Mullege PLC is engaged in the export of the finest organic green coffee from the country that gave Arabica Coffee to the world.
Mr. Mustefa Awol
General Manager
THE COMPANY SIDE LINE BUSINESS includes export of other agricultural products such as spices and Oil seeds.  It has heavy trucks with trailers for freight transport to and / from different Ethiopian localities and Djibouti port.  It operates a number of retail outlets mainly for petroleum products and lubricant oil.  It also imports foodstuffs, building materials, chemicals and spare parts.  The company also imports JK Tyres from India through its sister company JET Trading which is the sole distributors of JK Tyres in Ethiopia.

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