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As has been stated earlier, apart from those pulping facilities located up-country, the Company owns a 'PAUL KAACK' made coffee cleaning plant in Addis Ababa capable of cleaning both washed and sun-dried coffee. The factory is fitted with pre-cleaners, hulling & polishing machines, grading, gravity separating and ' ELEXSO' made color-sorting equipment. These have a cleaning capacity of three tons per hour or 23,000 tons per annum. Along with the processing facilities, the Company owns warehouses suitable for coffee with a storage capacity of over 10,000 tons at a time.

The Company, in order to expedite the coffee transportation operation from its coffee pulping and hulling station in the interior to Addis Ababa and then to Djibouti port, has its own heavy-duty trucks with a leading capacity of 40 tons at a time.


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