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AWDA believes that quality of coffee is the most important factor in the sector. Therefore:

Coffee purchase from auction center is focusing only on the best quality coffees. The purchaser cautiously selects the best lots before bidding for the coffees.

Regional coffee collection is made through our collection station carried out carefully by our trained staffs.  Red cherry is collected /purchased from the peasants, such pulping and washing activities, drying and storing are all organized to assure quality supplies. Coffee transportation to Addis Ababa cleaning plant is done through its own fleets, keeping the coffee safe from unnecessary contacts.


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As the Company pays special attention for quality of coffee, it has its own coffee-liquoring laboratory equipped with all the necessary equipments. A senior liquoror is in charge of the unit that ascertains the quality of coffee, through cupping - whether the coffee prepared for export is cleaned and handpicked as per the generally accepted standard for Ethiopian coffee and compliant with our clients' requirement.

Besides, all the Company's coffees ready for export are inspected by Coffee and Tea Quality Control & Inspection Center, which is an independent regulatory body. Due to these rigorous quality inspections, all clients are assured of receiving excellent quality Ethiopian coffee.

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